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Sammi Cheng praises Jacky Cheung for showing up at her concert every time
Sammi Cheng's sister and Andy Hui
Sheren Tang goes backstage to visit Sammi Cheng
Vivian Chow
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Two nights ago Touch Mi Sammi Cheng World Tour held its 8th show in Hong Kong. Aside from Vivian Chow Wai Man, Sheren Tang Shui Man, Christine Ng Wing Mei and her husband in the audience, the most eye catching was Andy Hui Chi On. He not only sat from the beginning to the end but also was very involved. He waved the pong pong sticks with Sammi's sister and sang along with Sammi.

The guest performance was Heavenly King Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, whose appeared wowed the entire crowd. Sammi after walking the "red carpet" on the stage with Hok Yau said to the first row of viewers, "Aren't your tickets well worth HK$9,800?" She also said that Hok Yau would attend every show and respond to every request, thus she dubbed him the "Music Kind Father". Sammi and Hok Yau played a couple in the film BEST OF THE BEST (FEI FU JING YING ji YUN GAN YAU CHING). Sammi said, "I made my first film with you, but very few people noticed. If anyone watch it again please pay attention to my thighs then!" Hok Yau was curious that how the baby fat that has been with her for over 20 years suddenly vanished, which was amazing! Sammi said, "What do you mean suddenly? I tried my best to lose weight!" A still from Hok Yau and Sammi's kiss scene was shown and the audience was in awe. Sammi also screamed, "Wow! I was so open, how could I be so open and make this type of category III film?" She also said that her first on screen kiss went to Hok Yau and jokingly asked if Hok Yau savored it. Hok Yau joked, "It was great! It was very meaty!" Hok Yau was so excited that he almost stepped on Sammi's dress. She joked, "Don't step on my dress, I still have to return it!"

Sammi also revealed that Hok Yau gave her his autographed record, but it was not the "Lan Sing" version and she could not be angrier. Hok Yau explained that the one he gave her was published in Germany, the other one was the Blu-Ray version. However he could give her the entire set! She immediately said that she already bought it. She then said to the audience that Hok Yau's record has already been released and even praised it as great. Then Hok Yau asked Sammi to change. He revealed, "First a disclaimer, I am not here to plug my song. Because I rarely perform new songs as a guest, but she says that she really wants me to sing this new song. When I look at the lyrics again I realize the reason, because the song is about how some couples that have experienced some setbacks learn to love......" The audience cheered and someone screamed "On Jai". He continued, "So I know why this song is able to touch Sammi!" Then he performed THE REST OF TIME.

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