Thursday, December 18, 2014


Chan Kwok Hung (right)
Chan Kwok Hung's wife and son goes to the morgue to identify the body with family and friends
Andrew Lau will provide assistance to the widow
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The 51 year old cinematographer Chan Kwok Hung two days ago while working on the Jackie Chan film SKIPTRACE in Yam O, the Lautau Island was on a sampan that overturned from strong turbulence. Chan Kwok Hung drowned after falling into the sea and becoming trapped under the sampan. His wife, family and friends yesterday morning identified the body in the Kwai Chung morgue, left around 10AM and declined to answer any media question. The case has already been assigned to the Marine Police Region major crime department for investigation. Officers yesterday returned to To Kau Wan, Yam O, where the accident happened to collect evidences. The overturned sampan was craned out and towed back to the Marine Police base for further investigation. The sampan did not have any obvious sign of damage.

Yesterday the Hong Kong Director's Guild and Society of Cinematographers president Andrew Lau Wai Keung revealed that he has already contacted and sent his condolences to Tall Guy (Chan Kwok Hung)'s widow. The members met last night with the Director's Guild and other affiliated organizations to form a funeral committee and assist with Tall Guy's affairs. Will Chan Kwok Hung's widow need financial assistance? Will a fund raiser be held for Chan Kwok Hung's children to receive financial assistance to continue their education in the future? Lau Wai Keung felt that if the widow asked everyone would lend a helping hand. Aside from money, the current concern should be with Tall Guy's family and assisting with the funeral arrangements. When his family is able to accept the fact, then they will provide other assistance.

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