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Charmaine Sheh is both happy and surprised 
Benz Hui's "Brother Foon Hei" wins Most Popular Male Television Character
Josie Ho is surprised by her award, while Ram Chiang win Best Supporting Actor and Professional Actor Awards
Best Supporting Actor Ram Chiang gets a kiss from Elena Kong
Louis Cheung and Priscilla Wong receives Leaping Improvement Artist Awards for their work this year
LINE WALKER is the big winner of the night
"Professional Actor Award" winners Chu Wai Tak, So Yan Chi, Lee Ka Ting, Law Lok Lam, Ram Chiang
Chung King Fai puts the BLACK HEART WHITE SOUL cast in an awkward predicament
Nancy Sit and Wong Cho Lam's WALK THE WALK, TALK THE TALK wins two awards
Liza Wang says that after two marriages she is still a lead actress
Tavia Yeung denies that anyone has proposed to her
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Charmaine Sheh wins three awards with LINE WALKER
Roger Kwok wins his third TVB Best Actor award
Guest presenter Julian Cheung takes a selfie with Best Actor winner Roger Kwok
Charmaine Sheh takes selfies with other actresses 
Veteran actors Benz Hui wins the Most Popular Male Television Character
Nancy Sit and Wong Cho Lam win Best Hosts
Ram Chiang returns to the award stage 20 years later
Louis Cheung deserves his Leaping Improvement Artist Award
Josie Ho
Priscilla Wong is happy that her boyfriend picks out her nail polish color
Jinny Ng performs the Best Drama Song
Bosco Wong and Charmaine Sheh will the Mainland Most Popular TVB artist awards
Myolie Wu and Johnson Lee have a little fun with their rumor
Amigo Choi and Natalie Tong are the target of Jerry Lamb's gag
Tam Bing Man jokes about his award is "better than nothing".
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The TVB Anniversary Award 2014 took place last night at the Tseung Kwan O Television City. Roger Kwok Chun On and Charmaine Sheh Si Man with BLACK HEART WHITE SOUL (JUNG GAN YUN) and LINE WALKER (SI TOH HUNG JEH) won Best Television Actor and Actress as the favorites. Ah Sheh received 75,171 votes to win the Most Popular Female Television Character award for the second time as well. On Jai won his third Best Actor and tied Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung's record. LINE also won Best Drama and Most Popular Male Television Character, becoming the big winner of the night with four awards.

Ah Sheh with LINE already won the Best Actress award in Singapore and Malaysia. Yesterday she also won the Mainland TVB Drama Female Artist award and two more at night. When she accepted the award she admitted, "I am very nervous standing on this stage, although everyone say I would win for sure actually winning this award isn't easy. I have to give a lot, I have to be very lucky, run into a good series, a good character, I have to properly grasp the chance. This time I am very lucky to run into a great producer." She also gave a special thanks to her mother. Because of her enormous stress from work, she was constantly frustrated. Yet Mommy always gave her a brilliant smile, which she needed a lot. She also said, "Actually there is no best, only even better. I will b even better, I will keep working hard." Hui Siu Hung's character Brother Foon Hei won the Male Character award with 62,705 votes.

Julian Cheung Chi Lam presented the Best Actor award. After he presented the award to On Jai, he immediately took a photo with On Jai on his phone. Winning Best Actor again, On Jai received enthusiastic applause from the nominees. He first thanked God. He also said that he was so excited he did not know what to say. He thanked his children for cultivating the love in him, knocking down some of his poor characteristics like his envy, ego, and pride. He said, "When I knock over these characteristics, pouring my inside empty, I can finally very naturally and very comfortably face my profession. I can very naturally tell viewers what I am doing." On Jai even put his children's faces on his white suit, as if he was attending the award show with them. He also thanked his wife for her tolerance of him over the years.

Ram Chiang Chi Kwong and Josie Ho Chiu Yi with COME ON, COUSIN (LO BIU, NEI HO HEA!) and TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY (JOI JIN MING TIN) won Best Supporting Actor and Actress. When Chiang Chi Kwong was announced, everyone applauded for him. Many nominees all went up and hug him to congratulate him. Wong Cho Lam and Linda Chung Ka Yan even cried tears of joy for him. Cho Lam even ruined his make up as tear streaks ran down his face. When Ah Chiang accepted his award, he said a prayer first then he said that 20 years ago he also accepted an award on the stage but at the time he was a singer. Now he accepted the award as a professional actor, but both awards had to do with singing. He also said that he had to thank one person for his award. He said, "Everyone has heard that Bo Le came first then came the thousand Li horse, my Bo Lei appeared 20 years ago already, but he couldn't tie down this horse because this horse was unruly and tamed, loved to run and be free. Yet after running for 20 years I was still running in Tseung Kwan O. However I ran into a jockey, in terms of physique he can absolutely be one. One day he said Ah Chiang you let me ride you, I will take you to the finish line. Thank you Mr. Wong Cho Lam." Cho Lam stood up and took a bow, then Ah Chiang sang a few verses of Chung Ka Yan's song THE HAPPIEST EVENT, "I used to imagine too great/experienced too much disappointment/the taste of loneliness/heaven knows I know/the happiest events I have to try infinite times/to understand the meaning of cherish/I seriously tell you" to express his emotions. Later he again thanked Cho Lam backstage because this award was completely due to him. Today they will have dinner together to celebrate.

When Ho Chiu Yi accepted her award, her mind seemed to have gone blank. Guest presenter Hui Siu Hung had to hint to her who to thank. She said that before hand actually she has thought about the speech, but she forgot on the stage. Will she take the award to show her father Stanley Ho Hung Sun at the hospital? She said that Papa will soon be released, in addition this morning she will have to promote her record in Taiwan so last night she did not even celebrate with her husband. Louis Cheung Kai Chung and Priscilla Wong Chui Yu won "Leaping Improvement Male and Female Artist". Ah Chung not only thanked TVB executives, producers and crews he has worked with but also his family. He even hinted that his wife Kay Tse On Kay was pretty. He said, "Thank you for letting me see a pretty person before I fall asleep and when I open my eyes." He admitted that his wife watched television and said that he would give this award to his wife because they have experienced a lot together. After winning the award would he no longer give people the impression "respected woman lowly man"? He said that he has never minded. In addition, he also said that TVB has given him the feeling of home. He was the happiest about having many elders in the work environment. They also taught him a lot. Thus when he accepted the award he almost broke down. He held his tears back with all his might.

Rumored to be neglected, Wong Chui Yu won the "Leaping Improvement Female Artist" award. She thanked the various female executives, her family and all the people who loved her. Although she did not openly thanked her boyfriend Edwin Siu Ching Nam, he smiled very happily in the audience. Later when asked why she did not thank her boyfriend, she said, "Winning this award has little to do with him, but I have to thank him too because he wished me good luck! He also worried that I would have zero vote so he voted for me. (Did you include him in the family that you thanked?) No, he is a great friend."

TVB CEO Norman Leung Lai Peng presented the Anniversary Performing Artist Awards to veteran artist Tam Bing Man. Brother Bing accepted the award with his daughter and received applause from the entire crowd. He joked, "I don't deserve this award, but it's better than nothing." He said that although he had to stay up late to work on TVB series, but they were worth staying up for because TVB series were very popular in any place with Chinese people around the world. TVB artists were recognized anywhere. He said, "After suffering they can transform, many Best Actors, Best Actresses, Big Directors came from TVB!" Also, five veteran artists received Professional Actor Award. They were Chu Wai Tak, So Yan Chi, Lee Ka Ting, Law Lok Lam and Chiang Chi Kwong.

Liza Wang Ming Chuen presented Best Actress. Before presenting she talked about the nominees. She mentioned that Tavia Yeung Yi's recent marriage proposal rumor, the camera turned to Yeung Yi who kept shaking her hands and head. Ah Jeh said, "Don't worry! Do you think that you can't be a lead actress after marriage? I got married twice I am still the lead actress. If you want to then do it!" Ah Jeh's encouragement to Yeung Yi was truly smart.

When Chung King Fai presented Best Drama he said that it had three words, BLACK HEART WHITE SOUL's On Jai and Kristal Tin Yui Nei stood up and looked at each other. When they found out LINE won they awkwardly sat back down.

Once linked in rumors, Myolie Wu Hung Yi and Johnson Lee Si Jit presented the Best Informative Program award. Hung Yi's old flame Bosco Wong Chung Chak grabbed Law Chung Him to chat to avoid the awkwardness. Hung Yi and Si Jit were full of chemistry as they kept telling rotten gags on the stage to promote each other series LADY SOUR and OFFICER GEOMANCER. Lee Si Jit even took advantage of the rumor and leaned on Hung Yi as he asked the audience, "Are we compatible?" Bosco was caught on camera immediately. At first he was surprised then he laughed to hide his embarrassment. Later Si Jit kept playing and even called Hung Yi Honey.

Natalie Tong Wing Sze this year was nominated for Best Supporting Actress with ALL THAT IS BITTER IS SWEET (DAI YEUK FONG). Her former boyfriend Amigo Choi Kin Bong was the host. After the nominations were announced, another host Jerry Lamb Hiu Fung joked that when one of the nominees appeared, someone next to him would cheer. When Bong Bong asked who, Ah Lo joked, "Tong Wing Sze!" Choi Kin Bong awkwardly said, "I cheered for everyone!"

Yesterday the 2014 Mainland China TVB Drama Male and Female Artist awards were presented first. Bosco Wong Chung Chak and Charmaine Sheh Si Man were voted the winners. TVBC's chief executive Jin Zhongbo presented the awards in person. This time Bosco defeated Raymond Lam Fung, Chan Chin Peng, Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung and Michael Miu Kiu Wai for the award. He received over 30% of the male artist votes; as for Ah Sheh she defeated Tavia Yeung Yi, Nancy Wu Ting Yan, Linda Chung Ka Yan and Kate Tsui Tsz Shan with over 37% of the female artist votes.

Bosco said that in recent years he had more opportunities to work in the Mainland, so Mainland viewers recognized him more; yet he was not confident about the award show last night, as he picked Hui Siu Hung to win. Lately they have been working together on a series in the Mainland, so today he has to go back. Speaking of him making a flood of RMB, he said, "I am only making a living, next year I will make time to make a series in Hong Kong." Ah Sheh was asked if she was confident about winning Best Lead Actress and Most Popular Female Television Characters for the triple crown. She said, "I hope this female artist award will be able to bring me luck." She said that lately she did a lot of interviews to campaign for votes, she also said friends to vote. Ah Sheh said that this time LINE WALKER performed very well, next year she will make even more Hong Kong series.

Best Drama:
Best Lead Actor: Roger Kwok Chun On (BLACK HEART WHITE SOUL)
Best Lead Actres: Charmaine Sheh Si Man (LINE WALKER)
Most Popular Male Television Character: Hui Siu Hung (LINE WALKER)
Most Popular Female Television Character: Charmaine Sheh Si Man (LINE WALER)
Best Supporting Actor: Ram Chiang Chi Kwong (COME ON, COUSIN)
Best Supporting Actress: Josie Ho Chiu Yi (TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY)
Leaping Improvement Male Artist: Louis Cheung Kai Chung
Leaping Improvement Female Artist: Priscilla Wong Chui Yu
Best Program Host: Nancy Sit Ka Yin, Wong Cho Lam (WALK THE WALK, TALK THE TALK)
Best Variety Program: WALK THE WALK, TALK THE TALK
Best Informative Program: GUARDIANS OF LIFE 2
Best Special Program: A TIME OF LOVE
Professional Actor Awards: Chu Wai Tak, So Yan Chi, Lee Ka Ting, Law Lok Lam, Chiang Chi Kong
Anniversary Performing Artist Award: Tam Bing Man

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