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Pang Kin Sun wins some of Alan's cash prize
Priscilla Chan, Hacken Lee, Dai Chi Wai, Liza Wang, Law Kar Ying, Alan Tam, Tats Lau
Hacken Lee, Tats Lau, Remus Choy, Priscilla Chan, Karen Tong, Linda Wong, Shirley Kwan
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Michael Miu reveals that someone got carried out
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This year is the "Principal" Alan Tam Wing Lun's 40th anniversary. Two nights ago Universal Records held a party of him and presented "The longest recording career with Universal Music Group, Asia Pacific" honor to him for staying with the company since its Polygram days.

Alan's friends in the business and the star soccer team teammates attended, including Hacken Lee Hak Kun, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Cally Kwong Mei Wan, Jackie Chan, Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu, Shirley Kwan Suk E, the Grasshoppers, Karen Tong Bo Yu and Linda Wong Hing Ping. When Chi Wai arrived, he was asked if he brought any gift. He joked, "Why would I? He should be giving gifts to me! I supported him for so many years. He got a lot of money during his concerts, every show is sold out. Earlier I asked him for tickets, he couldn't even give me one and said that I was taking his money. He really is heartless." Would he wish another 40 years for Alan? Chi Wai joked, "Huh? More? Is he a martyr? He should retire, he is just getting in the way, haha! However, actually he really is pretty popular." Chi Wai also warned that he would definitely be drunk, he only hoped that he would not have to sing on the stage.

The evening's dress code was gold and silver. Alan under his black coat was dressed in gold with gold and silver necklaces. He said, "How many decades are there in a lifetime? This group of brothers are my good brothers for 40 years, with all the sacrifice that they have made for my success!" Speaking of Chi Wai telling him to retire, Alan joked, "Is he telling me not to take my friends down with me? Concert tickets made me afraid of even answering the phone. Not to mention friends, I even took myself down." Will he choose to retire or work for another 40 years? He said that he had a plan. Would his family attend? Alan said that his mother, sister and brother in law would attend. As for his son Tam Hiu Fung, he immediately smiled and said, "Thank you for caring!" He said that his son did not come but he would record a video for him.

A video aired as soon as the evening began so guests could reminisce every drop of the Polygram era Alan. The SILENT APPRECIATION music video was played. Kwan Chor Yiu opened the performance with STORM QUEEN LORELEI. Then the band that Alan gave the start to, Mr. appeared in retro Wynners costumes and performed Wynners' song KEEP ON SINGING. Alan said, "I am very happy to be able to see all the good friends here. Everyone has been with me for 40 years, which isn't easy. Tonight I want to think this rare opportunity to sincerely than my group of buddies, as well as this big family of Universal Records, for organizing such a meaningful dinner for me. Thank you everyone, cheers!"

Later the host invited Entertainment Impact representative Cheung Kwok Chung to present 40 Anniversary Yearbook to Alan. This valuable yearbook collected a photo of each of the guests as a thoughtful gift for Alan. Universal Record Grater Chinese region president and CEO Chung Chung Fai to present the honor to the Principal. Alan sentimentally said, "These two gifts to me have a lot of weight, uniquely meaningful, I will properly maintain them." Later the event held a toast and a group photo. Alan even mischievously took a "selfie stick" for a group photo with all the guests.

Later many singers like Priscilla Chan Wai Han, Lee Hak Kun, Tong Bo Yu, Wong Hing Ping, Kwan Suk E, Kary Ng Yu Fei, Pong Nan and others performed. Alan also donated HK$ 100,000 cash prize for a game of rock, paper, scissors to thank his friends for their support.

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