Monday, December 8, 2014


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Wong Kar Wai and Chang Chen with over 600 fans
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A Wong Kar Wai film retrospective yesterday was launched at the China Film Archive. China Film Archive president Sun Xianghui, THE GRANDMASTER 3D (YUT DOI JUNG SI) executive producer, Bona Film Group president Yu Dong, and director Wong Kar Wai attended the event. Star Chang Chen made a surprise appearance. Wong Kar Wai, Yu Dong and Chang Chen uncovered THE GRANDMASTER 3D's oil painting version poster, the original of which will be in the China Film Archive permanent collection.

Yu Dong said that while he was in school Wong Kar Wai's films deeply touched him, thus he hoped through all new 3D technology for THE GRANDMASTER 3D to use the most perfect effects to leave memories for all Wong Kar Wai fans. Wong Kar Wai also personally selected ten films like HAPPY TOGETHER (CHUN GUONG JA SIT), FALLEN ANGELS (DOR LOK TIN SI), CHUNG KING EXPRESS (CHUNG HING SUM LUM) for the film festival. He also did a detailed introduction for his latest film THE GRANDMASTER 3D. He said, "During my research an instructor told me 'hitting people is like kissing', meaning that you have to have courage to be able to get close. How is 'hitting people is like kissing' expressed on film? 3D is the method to express this situation."

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