Monday, December 15, 2014


Eddie Peng and Shawn Dou suffer a lot during the training
Shawn Dou
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The Dante Lam Chiu Yin directed new film TO THE FORE (POR FUNG) yesterday released its poster. The entire poster's design, color and feeling were full of Taiwan style, youthful and energetic it had the feeling of charging ahead. Although it only had the backs of the bicyclists, people could still feel their blood boil. The director said that this was completely the film feeling that he wanted to display.

The film first shot large scale bicycle races in many nations. Leads Eddie Peng Yu-Yen, Choi Si-Won and Shawn Dou Xiao must go through every strict bicycle training. Peng Yu-Yen was even mentally prepared for a high intensity "demon training" without any complaint. He said, "This training was even worse than UNBEATABLE's (GIK JIN). Everyday I had to ride 120 kilometers, as well as anti lactic acid bicycle practice, balancing exercises and other physical training courses. I guess I have used up my bicycle riding quota for a lifetime." Dou Xiao said, "After making this film when I see bicycles my conditions would reflect that I want to dodge them." During the training, the actors were often injured. However their professionalism and effort touched the director. "I really thank them for their effort. Everyone during the shoot were the best display of that effort in the film, that hot blooded attitude!"

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