Friday, December 26, 2014


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Kathy Yuen, Ken Hung
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Steven Cheung Chi Hung, Ken Hung Cheuk Lap, and Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi) yesterday attended a Fanling shopping center event. Sherman Chung Shu Man could not attend due to illness, as Hung Cheuk Lap and Tong Yi took over for her.

Tong Yi and Hung Cheuk Lap attended as a couple. Tong Yi said that earlier she cooked a Christmas feast on her own. Hung Cheuk Lap not only ate at home but also because he was working on his new film SAM TIU YAU YUM JUI JAU (THREE GUYS GOT DRUNK) he took the chance to drink at home in hopes of elevating his tolerance. Alas he only had a little before he got sick. Tong Yi joked, "His tolerance is worse than mine, after he got sick I had to clean up after him."

Hung Cheuk Lap said, that in SAM TIU YAU YUM JUI JAU he was drunk 80% of the time, so he had to work hard on his drunk performance. "In the film I really drank, but because my tolerance was poor I was buzzed very quickly. I even drank until I was red and swollen, the director had to put a stop to it."

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