Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Dominic Ho records his film theme song
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Dominic Ho Ho Man yesterday recorded the DUCK KING (NGAP WONG) theme song and invited Connie Man Hoi Ling to rap for the first time. was Ho Ho Man reminded of the passionate scenes from the shoot? He said, "I haven't watched the film, I am afraid that I would cry because the character is forced into it." He said that on the set he would only cover important area. Man Hoi Ling complained that she did not have chance to visit the set. Ho Ho Man said, "During the shoot I didn't ask for the set to be cleared, after the shoot I walked around with a towel wrapped around my lower body. Instead everyone told me to wear a bathrobe."

Speaking of NGAP WONG sharing the same subject with Sandra Ng Kwan Yu's 12 GUM NGAP (12 GOLDEN DUCKS), how would they compete? Ho Ho Man said that both films had their own selling points. "Like basketball and soccer, some like them fast, some like to chip away. Both films are different in nature, both have to been seen!"

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