Monday, December 15, 2014


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Law Chung Him receives no award but the cameras turn to him many times due to Tavia Yeung
Tavia Yeung

Liza Wang and the ailing Carol Cheng bring star power to the show

Sharon Chan
Kristel Tin
Natalie Tong
Tony Hung becomes Priscilla Wong's "Papa"
Edwin Siu's Prince Charming white suit cannot match his girlfriend better, but she thinks it is outdated
Eliza Sam is dragged into rumors with Tony Hung
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Kate Tsui
Jacqueline Wong
Grace Wong
Becky Lee
Nancy Wu
Samantha Ko
Edwin Siu walks the red carpet with Natalie Tong
Priscilla Wong appears with Tony Hung
Leanne Li
Fans make a mad dash for seats in the audience
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