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Sandra Ng surprises Babyjohn 
Wlifred Lau, Babyjohn Choi, Matt Chow, Sandra Ng and Philip Keung
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The Sandra Ng Kwan Yu produced and starred Lunar New Year film 12 GUM NGAP (12 GOLDEN DUCKS) is in full production. "Three colored ducks" the golden Wilfred Lau Ho Lung, the dark Philip Keung Ho Man and the pale BabyJohn Choi Hong Yik earlier braved the cold to work on Tai Mo Shan. They showed off their masculinity on the highest point of the peak while Kwan Yu even dressed up as G-Dragon to make a surprise appearance as she and director Matt Chow Hoi Kwong celebrated Babyjohn's 28th birthday.

Earlier working with Keung Ho Man and Lau Ho Lung on Tai Mo Shan, Babyjohn also received a surprise. He said, "As I was at make up, the director really scared me. He walked over to me with a cool look on his face and told me to go over. I thought I did something wrong. As soon as I walked out of the tent, Si Hing began singing the birthday song. I was very surprised! Everyone were very thoughtful. This was the first time I spent my birthday at work in my career, I was very happy. I was even at the peak of Tai Mo Shan, it was more than special."

Kwan Yu that day was impersonated G-Dragon with his usual hat and medical mask look to celebrate with the birthday boy. She wished that Babyjohn would have more female suitors. Being married he said, "No way."

Keung Ho Man, Lau Ho Lau and Babyjohn for the film made a lot of preparations before hand. They had to get into shape with a trainer, a tan with tanning lights and wait for orders at any minute. Hak Jai said that his current shape was not too embarrassing, enough for every viewer who will buy a ticket. Kwan Yu joked that other dishes are on the way and are absolutely "duck delights". Seeing a big green field on the set, Si Hing was the first one to make different "masculine" poses on it. Even Hak Jai could not help but laugh. Finally they even joined in. In addition Kwan Yu invited veteran actress Lisa Lu Yan who was working on a play in Beijing to join the cast. The over 80 year old Lu Yan got along with the young actors without any generation gap and was still full of energy.

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