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Prince says that working with Nina Paw has been a great experience
Prince looks cool behind the camera
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Taiwan JPM member Prince Chiu came to Hong Kong to work on the film CORGI PRINCE (GOR GEI WONG JI). Yesterday afternoon he and Nina Paw Hee Ching worked on location outside the Hong Kong grade 3 historic building Yau Ma Tei Police Station. Man fans and people looked on and took photos, they even went into the streets. The crew had to advise them to return to the sidewalk for their safety.

During the shoot, Prince and Sister Bau walked out of the police station and looked worried. Then they left in a taxi. While waiting for the shoot, Prince and Sister Bau chatted and laughed. Because of the cold, after the scene they quickly put on their coats for warmth. Prince even danced on the streets to warm up, as fans kept taking photos. The police station was a historical building, Prince and the film boss took a photo for their collection. They looked rather cool when they sat in the cinematographer's spot.

Prince said that he was very happy to be able to work with the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress Sister Bau. Although she was a very amazing actress, she would not bring any pressure. He said, "Sister Bau is very nice. Earlier she went to Taiwan and appeared on the KangSi Coming program. When the host Dee Hsu asked her to choose one of the Lollipop members, she at the time chose me. I would never imagine that today she would still remember me, and say that I am taller and more handsome. This time working with her is a great experience."

Earlier Prince's fan club ordered a lot of food and drinks to the set for everyone to share. Prince said, "The fans are really very nice, everyone is very happy. Everyday after the shoot I would have some free time, and I would visit every corner of Hong Kong like Mongkok and Causeway Bay. I even bought new clothes for Mama, I hope she will like it."

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