Sunday, December 21, 2014


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Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) and Pakho Chau appeared on Cable's Film Montage program and talked about their new film S FOR SEX S FOR SECRETS (SIU JEH YAU SUM). The film was mainly about the relationship between the sexes. They both said after the shoot they had deeper experience with the male and female relationship.

In the film they had many daringly sexy performance but during the shoot they did not feel embarrassed. Sum Yau said, "We were pretty compatible in the bed scenes, the process wasn't awkward at all. Because the room was very small and had many workers, everyone was very focused on the production. I instead felt that it was like making an action film." In the film Sum Yau played Pakho's wife. They in order to maintain their relationship tried anything and everything. Sum Yau stated, "My personality and the character share some similarities. I am considered a pretty sensitive girl, I can easily sense if he is lying to me. Yet I usually wouldn't immediately expose him, I would give him some mercy. I also don't like to check boyfriend's phone because it has a lot of private stuff. I would give him some space, in the same way I don't want other people seeing my phone." Would Pakho Chau accept even more daring sex scenes? He pointed out that he would not give himself any bottom line, as long as it coordinated with the story he would even accept an all nude performance.

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