Thursday, December 4, 2014


Jackie Chan has to get wet again for a stunt scene
Jackie Chan was in the sea for half a hour for the escape scene with Kira Shi and Dylan Kuo
Jackie Chan eats to stay warm
Kira Shi, Dylan Kuo and Jackie Chan
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Yesterday Jackie Chan, Dylan Kuo and Mainland star Kira Shi yesterday worked on the Hollywood film SKIPTRACE in Tai O. The 60 year old Jackie Chan personally performed an escape at sea scene. He was in the 11 degree Celsius sea for half a hour. When he went ashore the crew immediately wrapped him up in a bathrobe and towels. When Mainland fans asked Jackie Chan for photos, he did not turn anyone away despite being wet. Later he had to get wet for a stunt scene. Although the water was warm, the weather was too cold. Jackie Chan was still shivering.

When asked about his son Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming), he said that he had no idea. Even when Cho Ming will go to court he has to wait for the lawyer to inform him. As for his wife Joan Lin, Jackie Chan lamented, "She is always unwilling to see people and doesn't go out. I am afraid that she would think too much so I keep communicating with her, telling her what I am doing so she has something to think about and her attention is diverted."

In addition, Jackie Chan revealed that SKIPTRACE will complete the Hong Kong shoot in the middle of the month. Later it will continue to shoot on location in Beijing and other places. During the period he also will have to promote his Lunar New Year film DRAGON BLADE (TIN JEUNG HUNG SI). In April he will work on another Hollywood film.

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