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Annie Liu is suspected of having work done, but says that if she did and her face was still loose then she failed
Kate Tsui is afraid of rats but will have to work with them.  She wants to look for a double
Eric Kwok has the scene in nothing but an apron, but he claims to be conservative and has not agreed to it
Carrie Ng will direct KNOCK KNOCK WHO'S THERE
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Jennifer Tse has to play a make up artist for the dead despite her fears of ghosts
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Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau), Jennifer Tse Ting Ting, Kate Tsui Tsz Shan and Eric Kwok Wai Leung yesterday attended the Carrie Ng Ka Lai directed film KNOCK KNOCK WHO'S THERE (YAU HAT DOH) press conference in Kowloon Bay. Sum Yau this time played a ghost for the second time and was crowned "ghost queen". She said that she has always liked characters with scarred face and ugly look, which would be a challenge to her acting. Lately on a Mainland program interview, her face was said to be loose and pointy like it has been worked on. She admitted that perhaps she drank too much water at night, so she was swollen and loose. She joked that she could do nothing about gravity. She was human too and would have times when she was in poor shape. Did she have work done? She joked that if she was loose after that then she failed. Ting Ting in the film played a make up artist for the dead. She said that it was the first time that she played this type of character. The first time she came in contact with someone who passed was her grandmother. She said, "At the time I touched her, the feeling was very different. Papa even praised that her make up was very pretty." She said that she could not help but buy Christmas presents for her nephews, but she had no date for Christmas. This year she wanted to spend Christmas with family.

Eric Kwok in the film will try to kill Ting Ting. Ng Ka Lai joked that Eric asked her if he had to rape her first then kill her. She even said that Eric would consider baring his backside for the shoot. Eric immediately joked that if his rear was being shot he would have to get the make up artist to put make up on it, he would also have to practice first raping then killing with his wife Grace Ip Pui Man to be able to. Later Eric said that he was very conservative, his wife probably would not permit him to show his rear. He joked that his wife perhaps only wanted to save it for herself. Earlier Eric was rumored to no longer write songs for Kay Tse On Kay. He said that he was only joking during the interview, he has never been truthful with what he said. He admitted that he has already communicated with Tse On Kay, but perhaps her manager did not know and responded to the media. He reiterated that he will write songs for Tse On Kay.

Tsui Tsz Shan in the film played a paper offering maker with autism. Speaking of Ng Ka Lai wanted Tsz Shan to work on a rat scene, Tsz Shan immediately screamed that she was very scared. She was the most afraid of rats and anything bloody. The best would be not making it. She said that actually she was very afraid of making a ghost film. She took it due to Sister Ka Lai's sincerity. Earlier she deliberately asked her to discuss the script, so she had to agree. She also said that she has already begun to learn to make paper offerings and brought some home to practice. She said, "I live alone, I am not afraid of any taboo."

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