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Song Hye-Kyo says that not only Huang Xiaoming is friendly, Takeshi Kanshiro is also very nice
Bowie Lam, Song Hye-Kyo, John Woo, Tong Dawei
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The John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) directed film THE CROSSING I (TAI PING LUN: LUEN SAI FAU SUN) yesterday held a press conference in Macau then a premiere at night. Director Ng Yu Sum appeared with lead actress Song Hye-Kyo, Tong Dawei and Bowie Lam Bo Yi. Ng Yu Sum revealed that he added his pursuit of his wife from his youth in the film, which turned into Huang Xiaoming and Song Hye-Kyo's dance scene. Song Hye-Kyo said that she benefited a lot from working with Director Woo and thanked co-star Huang Xiaoming for taking care of her.

This was Director Woo's first time directing a romance. During the shoot he tripped on a cable and was hospitalized, but actually the actors had it worse than he did because in part II the sinking scene had to be shot in a big pool. This film was divided into two parts, its production cost passed 300 million yuan RMB. Luckily many actors only took half their rate so it was not as severe as RED CLIFF (CHET BIK). Hitomi Kuroki did not take a salary at all and guest starred. He said, "Many actors only took the salary for one film, but because the shoot took a year they turned down other jobs. I am very appreciative."

This film gathered actors from China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. Director Woo gave everyone even screen time and they had a very pleasant collaboration without any displeasure. With translators on the set, they had no communication problem. Speaking of Song Hye-Kyo's performance, Director Woo gave her 85 points. He praised her as a very hard working actress. She even studied Chinese diligently and put her heart into every scene. Once because she delivered her line poorly, she was upset all day. This film took two years to shoot, some said because of his illness. He admitted that it was somewhat related, but after recovering he immediately started production.

Song Hye-Kyo was very honored to work with Ng Yu Sum this time. Many Chinese friends said that it was very fortunate to be able to work with Director Woo. This time she learned a lot. She said that she first came in contact with this film was in 2008. Although in between the production stopped due to some reasons, during the process the collaboration was very pleasant. Was learning Chinese the hardest part? She said that if she only had to speak it was not too hard, but the emotional delivery was the hardest because this was the duty of actors. She could not just say her line was spoken correctly. Luckily other actors gave her time to cultivate her emotions. How would she grade herself? She was unwilling to give a grade, only thought that every actor would not be so easily pleased with his or her performance. She said that she did some of the part decently, but each time she was still able to see her own flaws and thought that if she could be prettier it would be a little better. Speaking of the director's claim that she was a little stubborn, Song Hye-Kyo agreed. Because during the year of this film production, she asked more and more of herself. Thus she was always very anxious. As for her co-star Huang Xiaoming, she pointed out that he was very friendly. Xiaoming always waited for her and took great care of her. Did she feel that Huang Xiaoming was very "chok" during his performance? She said that she did not sense that, but his performance indeed had a very masculine beauty. He was very friendly to all the workers and did not feel pretentious at all.

Lam Bo Yi and Song Hye-Kyo had a dance scene. He even went to classes for it. Luckily he did not step on her. He said that it was the first time that he danced such a cool waltz. The most memorable for him was the shoot in the pool. As soon as the cameras rolled everyone had to scream. very time the director would ask them how much water they drank.

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