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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa after completing LITTLE BIG MASTER (NG GOR SIU HAI DIK HAU JEUNG) has not seen the children in several months. She did not expect that when she saw them again they would already turn into little young ladies, much taller and with a little restraint. Chin Wa said, "Because I spent a summer with them, we cultivated relationships. Although I haven't seen them for several months, it felt like seeing my own daughters again, ha!" Chin Wa suddenly had five more daughters, with her son she would have exactly half a dozen. She felt very warm.

Chin Wa for the film had to record AULD LANG SYNE. The film company without her knowledge arranged for the children to visit the studio. One of the children Kitty had the flu, only Chu Nui, Ka Ka, Siu Suet and Jennie attended. Chin Wa during her half time break was about to walk out of the studio, the children brought two plants of cup cakes and sang Christmas songs to surprise Chin Wa.

Chin Wa said that she has never had carolers in her studio. She originally wanted to bring Torres. If he knew that he would have some many sisters to sing with him, he definitely would be very happy. Because she discovered that her son lately constantly sang. One day she even heard him humming IN THE LASER like in SUPER TRIO, he hummed convincingly and with rhythm. Actually her son watched all star video at her home and she sang this song. When she was not at home, her son listened to it many times. Then he began to sing it.

Although her on screen husband Louis Koo Tin Lok did not appear, when Chin Wa mentioned this Brother Tung Tung, they became excited again. Under the command of Chin Wa they also sang a Christmas song for him and even gave him a kiss. Chin Wa even made fun of Goo Jai with the girls, "You will have a very hard time to see this Brother Tung Tung, he works 70 jobs a day. It will be hard for him to be free! Haha!" Chin Wa would not have too much time to rest during Christmas, because she will be busy rehearsing and practicing for her concert next month. At the end of the month she will have to promote the film in Beijing with two of the children. Thus on the rare day off for Christmas, she would celebrate with her family.

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