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Ken Low gets bloodied in the film
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Eric Kwok and Anita Chui have intimate scenes 
Derek Tsang says Lam Suet looked fine Wednesday when he saw him
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Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung, Eric Kwok Wai Leung, Anita Chui Bik Ka and others yesterday attended the film LO LUP BIN LEI DIM (KNOCK OVER CONVENIENT STORE)'s production start ceremony. Boss Paco Wong and director Han Huo Huo also attended. Only Lam Suet was absent. Lam Suet recently has been rumored that he was forced to go on the run from debt. Tsang Kwok Cheung revealed that earlier he still saw Lam Suet. They still worked as usual. "I just saw him Wednesday, he didn't look different. Today maybe he doesn't have a scene so he is absent. I am not sure. (Has he asked you for a loan?) No, I am not worried him. He is constantly happily singing, he probably is fine."

Tsang Kwok Cheung said that that the new film documented what happened one night at a convenience store, had a lot of absurd jokes and could be considered a dark comedy. He was the happiest about working with Stanley Fung Shui Fan. He said, "I knew him from Papa's film THE ROMANCING STAR (JING JONG JUI NUI JAI), we never had a chance to meet. I am really too happy to be able to work with him this time."

Speaking of Bik Ka's sexy costume, Tsang Kwok Cheung said that they did not have too many scenes together. They mainly had group scenes. When asked if he was worried that his girlfriend Venus Wong Yik Man would be jealous. He said, "They aren't related, I have never had such a burden. I don't have to explain before hand. My girlfriend and I are both actors, she would understand. I has asked her to visit the set. (Do you have time to see each other?) Earlier I wasn't in Hong Kong at the time, so we indeed saw each other less. Now it's much better. I hope after finishing the films on our hands we will be able to spend Christmas in Japan together." He has not considered marriage as soon as possible, everything would take its natural course.

Paco Wong did not know about Lam Suet's debt avoidance rumor. "I have asked the director. The director pointed out that everything went smoothly with the production progress. I haven't heard about this. (Will you pay an advanced salary?) I have given full permission for the producer to handle it. Of course if he has needs, we would consider individual situations."

Eric was the lead actor for the first time. He revealed that aside from getting shot he also had vulgar and explosive content, which made him very nervous. Was he so nervous that he forgot to zip up his zipper? Eric explained that this was his costume in the film, for now he could not reveal anything. As for passionate scene with Bik Ka, he admitted that his wife Grace Ip Pui Man has complained. "Originally she did not react much, but after performing the scene she warned me not to exchange numbers with Bik Ka. I joked that she only wanted to send me photos from the set, but she said no way."

Eric had a scene in which he felt up Bik Ka. He said that indeed he was very embarrassed. After the director's reminder, he was afraid of more bad takes and finally really felt her up. He continued, "I thank Grace for being so understanding. Back then when I saw her bed scene with (Carl) Ng Ka Lun I also felt very uncomfortable inside. Now she finally understands." Speaking of his friend Nicholas Tse Ting Fung returning to Hong Kong to go out with and meet girlfriend Faye Wong, did they have a chance to meet? Eric said, "Lately we haven't seen each other, we probably wouldn't. I have to concentrate on the character."

In the cold wind, Bik Ka busted out of her cheerleader costume while showing off her waist and legs. She said that this costume had considerably more cloth. In the film she had even more and different sexy costumes. Would she have any nude scene? She said, "No, for now I can't accept nudity. In the film I am conceptually daring. (What about getting felt up by Eric?) It wasn't awkward because we have proper communication before hand. Originally we planned to take care of it with forced perspective, but the director felt it wasn't too realistic. Finally we finished with two takes. We still have an even more intimate bed scene, which I am pretty nervous about."

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