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Gong Li promotes COMING HOME in Paris
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Law Chung Him goes from a supporting role in the previous film to the Sand Monk
Aaron Kwok works out to get into THE MONKEY KING shape
Xiao Shenyang has to gain 30 pounds to play Piggy
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The 3D fantasy epic THE MONKEY KING 2 (SAI YAU GEI ji SUEN NG HUNG SAM DA BAK GWUT JING) will be released on the Lunar New Year Day in 2016. The film earlier already unveiled the "most handsome Pretty Monkey King" Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, the "most dominating demon king" Gong Li and the "highest face value Tang Monk" Feng Shaofeng. Yesterday the film announced that famous Mainland comedy star Xiao Shenyang will play Piggy. Playing Muzha in the first film, Law Chung Him will play Sandy this time. The film's entire cast will gather for the production start press conference in Wuxi on the 24th.

Xiao Shenyang was tall and thin, many viewers would find it hard to imagine him as Piggy. Actually he had quite a connection with Piggy because in his creation with his wife PIGGY CARRIES DAUGHTER IN LAW he has already played the role once. However this time he still felt the challenge would be enormous. He would even gain weight appropriately. He believed with under the efforts of the special effect make up team he will be able to bring an all feel of Piggy to the audience.

Playing the Sand Monk, Him Jai again participated in THE MONKEY KING film series but he did not dare to relax. Before hand he did a lot of preparation work. In order to display the Sand Monk's fit physique, Him Jai has been on a diet for months, working out just to achieve the "strongest muscular" version Sand Monk. He will completely turn around Sand Monk's completely unnoticeable image.

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