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The Rose Chan Ka Wun two nights ago booked a screening of her film I SELL LOVE (FAN MAI OI) for her clients. The team presented her with an "actress with the most future award". Ka Wun said, although the award was not official, to her it was particularly meaningful. She said, "The film has been in release for a week, the box office has been decent so I have attended audience appreciation events everywhere. Many people said that my performance was daring in the film. Th audience also were very tolerant of people with past experience. Everyone also understood that the value that the film talked about."

Ka Wun pointed out, the film was a domestic production, a Hong Kong independent film. She hoped that more Hong Kong viewers would support it. As for longing for a film award, she said, "This film of ours has participated in different film festivals, but I haven't had the chance to participate in each one. I hope the film will have a chance to participate in the Hong Kong Film award. I will be happy with a nomination."

Playing an unwed mother in the film, Adrian Wong Chi Ching said that she and Ka Wun were quite close. She gave her a present on her birthday. Chi Ching said, "We want to set up a picnic date. Ka Wun is two years younger than me, but I won't treat her like a little sister because she got into the business before I did. I have a lot that I could ask her about."

Chi Ching said that they often ran into each other at work. "Maybe I will study kung fu with her. She is also interested in learning to draw with me." Chi Ching played an unwed mother this time. Her father Felix Wong Yat Wa has not have the chance to give her any suggestion. She said, "My parents haven't seen it yet. I will personally buy tickets for them to watch. I will give them the tickets for their collection."

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