Thursday, December 25, 2014


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Joan Lin blames herself for her son's arrest
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Film industry big brother Jackie Chan yesterday with Lin Peng, Wang Ruoxin and director Daniel Lee Yan Kong attended their new film DRAGON BLADE's Mainland press conference. Jackie Chan put his head on the body of a Christmas lady and made everyone laugh. During the question and answer segment, Jackie Chan became the media target. Yet whenever reporters asked questions with the words Fong Cho Ming (Jaycee Chan), the crew would remove the microphone from the reporters. Jackie Chan only smiled in silence.

Also, Jackie Chan earlier spoke with the Mainland media and directly responded to his son Fong Cho Ming's drug incident. In the interview he revealed that after Cho Ming was detained in the Mainland, some friends and lawyers have suggested for him to apply for bail, but he turned it down. "Because he is Jackie Chan's son, because he broke the laws of the nation, if Fong Cho Ming was released after just a week, how would everyone see Jackie Chan and Fong Cho Ming? We are celebrities, we should follow the laws even more. " He even stated that he never used any connection as he hoped that Cho Ming would be able to thoroughly think about what he did in prison.

Jackie Chan admitted that four months ago he was shocked to learn about this incident. He once asked the lawyer to slap Cho Ming twice on his behalf. He even admitted that his wife Joan Lin felt very guilty. "Cho Ming's mama makes me feel even guiltier. All along his Mama has kept an eye on him. Because of work he and I spent more time apart than together. After the incident, his Mama has not gone out in four and a half months, refused to see anyone. Because of him she is punishing herself."

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