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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu early this year produced and starred in the Lunar New Year film GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS (GUM GAI SSS), which made over HK$ 42 million to become this year's Hong Kong film box office champion. To continue this Hong Kong film momentum, Kwan Yu transformed from her 38G giant bust Ah Kam to a muscular hunk with various hunks of the industry in 12 GOLDEN DUCKS (12 GUM NGAP). The first trailer will be released on Christmas. In the film Kwan Yu and six male models all showed off their chest muscles. From the mesmerizing eyes, sexy adam's apple, five o' clock shadow straight to the merman chest muscles, the look left the audience either loving it or hating it and boiled their blood.

Transformed into the golden duck, Kwan Yu could not wait to display her merman perfect chest. With six foreign male models she worked on the first trailer to celebrate Christmas. As soon as the six male models saw Kwan Yu's display and different "cool" poses, they were under Kwan Yu's "masculine" spell. They almost could not tell whether she was a man or a woman. Kwan Yu's "chest muscles" could rival Ah Kam's 38G giant busts in realism. Although Kwan Yu herself was not as might as this group of male models, but putting on this "chest muscle" took a lot of preparation as well.

Kwan Yu said, "This 'chest muscle' and the earlier 38G giant busts came from the same Thai special effect master. The last time the focus on the busts, this time it would be on the entire upper body. Thus I had to work out harder and be on a diet. Because that 'artificial muscle' had certain thickness, if I wasn't thin enough, the result was be obviously swollen. So I can't be lazy and not exercise even if I don't want to. Even when I ate I had to be like the male models and only had chicken and vegetable in order to keep the slim shape!" Walking around in this "artificial muscle", Kwan Yu said, "At first it took a little getting used to, it felt just like not wearing any clothes at all! I knew that I wore the prop, but I still was a little embarrassed. However, now this artificial muscle and I are one. It is very convincing! Although I was very envious of this group of male models' figures, I was different from them. I didn't have to train, I only had to spend a few hours to get it, haha!"

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