Friday, December 26, 2014


Prince with Prince the Corgi
Prince and Ashley Chung will have many scenes together
Nina Paw is very concerned about ATV owing employees two months of salary.
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Prince will have many scenes with the Corgi
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Prince Chiu (Wang Chi) @ JPM and Nina Paw Hee Ching attended their new film GOR GEI WONG JI (CORGI PRINCE)'s production start ceremony. Prince came to Hong Kong alone for a film for the first time and will have many scenes with the Corgi Prince. Prince revealed that he will stay in Hong Kong for 5 days for the shoot. In the film he will play a high school teacher and even came to the rescue of the beauty many times. "In one scene classmates locked Kai Kei in the bathroom and she was all wet. I took off my jacket and covered her with it, but I still had other clothes on underneath." He said that for his first film in Hong Kong, although he will not have any scene with Korean sexy goddess Clara but the experience still felt very new and happy. He said, "At first I was more worried about the lines, since I only knew a little Cantonese. Luckily in the end I still spoke Mandarin, I was much more at ease."

Sister Bau saw Prince and called him "handsome". She even held him like he was her own son, as she jokingly asked fans not to be jealous.

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