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Losing his daughter earlier, director Frankie Chan Fun Kei yesterday morning judged the 2nd China Hong Kong full contact karate open championship with Chin Siu Ho. His first public event since the passing of his daughter. He said that Jackie Chan once advised him to forget his sorrow with work. He agreed with what Jackie Chan said, but he still felt that if he was able to spend more time with his family perhaps the tragedy could have been prevented.

Having studied karate in his youth, Chan Fun Kei kept talking about the origin of karate and even hoped that Hong Kong action film will be able to pick up the 80s' glory days again. Speaking of all the troubles Jackie Chan has had lately, he stated, "He has to rely on work to forget his sorrow. I am planning three films at the same time, which Big Brother has encouraged me to. Not every film has to start from zero, I can plan several films at once. (How is Big Brother?) Big Brother's mood this year has been very poor. His son is in trouble, his film also has trouble. For so-called tough guys like us we have to learn to forget the sorrow, not to give ourselves too much room to think."

Big Brother's new film SKIPTRACE earlier had an accident at sea near Yan O. Cinematographer Chan Kwok Hung fell into the sea and passed away. Actually at the time Chan Fun Kei and Big Brother were studying the CZ12 sequel script. He said, "That day he finished the diving scene. The next day he had another explosion scene and the Hong Kong shoot would have been completed. Everyone was planning a party to celebrate. Suddenly the producer rushed in and said, 'Big Brother, the boat flipped!' Big Brother ran out to command the rescue. We all thought that everyone escaped, but the cinematographer who was the only one with a life jacket was missing." After the police and the fire department arrived, the the flipped over boat was already brought to shore. At the time the firefight turned the boat right side up and discovered the cinematographer trapped underneath. He continued, "Everyone was very saddened. There is no way to explain that. The night before we were still laughing and joking around. With all the safety precautions, he was the only one with a life jacket and still had an accident. (Will you pay more attention to production safety from now on?) The safer it is the more likely accidents happen. I am very sorry, no one wants something like this to happen. I can only say we learn a lesson. Back then when (Cherie) Chung Chor Hung and I worked on THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE BEAUTY in Tiu Chung Chau we almost lost everyone." Chan Fun Kei could only lamented that nothing could be expected. "If I have more time to spend with my family, maybe tragedy wouldn't have happened."

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