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Alex Lam Tak Shun in the film KUNG FU ANGELS (CHING CHUN DAI) was around beauties Karena Ng Chin Wa and Janelle Sing Kwan. Alex earlier revealed his romantic ways with the ladies, but Chin Yu BB made fun of him as being outdated. Chin Yu BB felt that lovers need to have common interests, like she and her boyfriend Raymond Lam Fung both like to travel. Yet she revealed that Lam Fung was afraid of heights and did not dare to try anything thrilling.

Chin Yu BB and Alex after playing a couple in last year's Lunar New Year HELLO BABIES (LUK FUK HEI SI) in the new film KUNG FU ANGELS played cousins who through learning martial arts found their own lovers Jeremy Xu (Tsui Ching Hei) and Sing Kwan.

After 3 or 4 years away from school, playing a student again for Chin Yu BB was like riding a bike. Alex who has graduated for years relied on clothing, hairstyle, big glasses and high waist pants to help him with playing a silly student. Alex said, "Many friends said that my costume looked cute. Actually I could be very exaggerated in a comedy, it was a lot of fun. However I don't want to just make comedy, I am afraid that the audience will get bored."

The film was shot location at an university, which reminded Alex the beautiful memories of his school day romance. He revealed, "In sixth grade in the U.S.I really liked a foreign girl. I was very shy but I felt the need to make my feelings known. I even had very romantic notions, at home I took my sister's toy heart shaped ring and thought that if I gave it to her we would date. One day I wrote a love letter and wrapped it around the ring to give to her. When she opened the letter and saw the ring, she ran off." Chin Yu BB joked, "I would've have tossed it, what is this!" Sing Kwan recalled that when she was little many male classmates pursued her through borrowing books.

Chin Yu BB admitted that she was very passive and never pursued a guy, but every time she dated she would be like her film character and go with her boyfriend's preference. She felt that common interest was very important. She even said that both she and her boyfriend Lam Fung liked to travel. She said, "The world is huge, I hope to be able to go all over the world before age 40. When I have a family and children it would be very hard to get away. Maybe by 40 or 50 I would like to play mahjong instead." The 21 year old Chin Yu BB remembered going to Africa for work, visited the small and the weak in the community and a diamond mine. She loved the experience from traveling. She said, "I really want to try bungee jumping, skydiving on vacation, but my friend is afraid of heights. He is very afraid of of those things. Maybe I have to other friends to go with me."

In the film Chin BB, Alex and Sing Kwan had martial art performance of their own. Although before the shoot they trained hard in kung fu for a week, Chin Yu BB said that before the shoot he lacked warm up and occasionally would sprain her ankle. She said that Sing Kwan this time played a dominating big sister with great kung fu, which was very different from her in real life. Chin Yu BB said, "Sing Kwan is very gentle and attentive, she doesn't say much."

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