Sunday, December 14, 2014


Chapman To has no idea that Malaysia is Andy Lau's turf
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Chapman To Man Chak invested in a film production company in Malaysia. Earlier he announced the the horror comedy THE HAUNTED COP SHOP (MAN GWAI CHAI GUOON) and even boldly said that his first film investment will definitely star him, because he was a representative figure in comedy. At the same time, he and Anthony Wong Chau Sun will work together on another "prison" ghost film. He will only produce and Wong Chau Sun will star. He said that if they will both star, salaries will be too much.

Ah Jat did not found out about "Malaysian son in law" Andy Lau Tak Wa's film production company there until the Malaysian media told him. He said that he did not know it was his turf, but his company was so small that he did not dare to suggest collaboration with Wa Jai. When asked about the "boycott", Ah Jat said, "Speaking of boycott, I have the most experience. Actually I also hope to have other news of my own, like disorderly behavior, wife beating or other rumors. In th end I had none. Actually this news has been talked about from the beginning to the end of the year. I kept responding (yawn), it truly is very dull."

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