Sunday, March 10, 2019


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Kay Tse On Kay and Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) yesterday morning attended the Cycle For Millions 2019 event as ambassadors. They were dressed like cyclists, but Kay did not have enough time to train so this year she would not participate.

Siu Chai earlier participated in a charity race. Yesterday morning he started the Cycle For Millions event. He said, "After the run I felt muscle soreness. The doctor told me after gaining weight early I lost weight too fast, which led to muscle loss. I would lack calcium and potassium, earlier when I ran I showed signs of cramping. So I didn't dare to run too fast. Now I would keep aerobic exercises two or three times a week to get into shape."

Siu Chai had a part in the film PAO MA. Earlier because director Doze Niu was accused of sexual assault and the production was halted. Recently the film was rumored to have a chance to resume production, would Siu Chai need to gain weight for the film again? He said that he was not sure but would have to maintain the sloppy look for the film. He said, "My wife complained about it, for this film I didn't cut my hair or shave for a year. During the shoot I couldn't wash my hair, I couldn't remember for how many days. I only knew it stank. I also had to have betel nut until I was sick of it and my teeth hurt. For the movie I couldn't do anything about that." Did his wife refuse to share a bed with him? Siu Chai said, "Don't ask about that."

Siu Chai had to wait until further notice to know what to do next about PAO, but he would respect the director's idea. Originally he would begin his concert tour during the period because the film would have wrapped up production. He would lose weight and shave for his April show. He said, "For this film, I haven't taken other jobs for a year. The company told me to hurry and make money."

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