Monday, March 18, 2019


Cecilia So and Wong Yau Nam
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mm2 2019 film rundown yesterday took place at the Hong Kong International Film and Television Market. The company's Hong Kong executive director Ha Yu attended with actors Cecilia So Lai Shan, Lam Yiu Sing, Endy Chow Kwok Yin and others. Ha Yu pointed out that this year 10 films and crime web drama will be produced. He will have a chance to perform and welcome his son Dixon Wong Yik Sun and his girlfriend Cheronna Ng Ka Hei to perform as well. He has not rushed them to wed yet. His son was already adult, if he wanted to wed he would. He would not interfere with their lives. Ha Yu asked about Susanna Kwan Kuk Ying's condition but she has not responded. He did not want to hear any bad news as he would like to keep working together in the future.

So Lai Shan said that her HELL BANK PRESENTS: RUNNING GHOST (MING TUNG NGAN HONG DUT YEUK: FAN SUN JUNG BA JIN) character was hyperactive unlike her, like her character has made her active as well.

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