Tuesday, March 19, 2019


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Hong Kong Film Composers' Guild was founded yesterday, the event invited Hong Kong Film Development Council's chair Ma Fung Kwok, Hong Kong Federation of Film Workers permanent honorary president Ng See Yuen as guests. The guild's first president Wai Kai Leung, vice president Peter Kam Pui Tat and other Hong Kong film composer association representatives conducted the launch ceremony. Other guests included Derek Yee Tung Sing, Philip Keung Ho Man and Sam Lee Chan Sam.

Hak Jai recently performed the theme song for his film REMEMBER WHAT I FORGOT (DIN YING CHI HON). He said that everyday he would record for five or six hours at the recording studio for three days. "I like to sing, but it really is different from singing at concerts. I just realized that I had a lot of relaxed pronunciation, the pitch had to be fixed. Because the entire film has been made for such a long time, so some of the feelings weren't there. The company one day arranged for me to see the movie for my feelings to return, then I returned to the recording studio to record." Would he dare to sing? He said that he would. He also pointed out that earlier he sang a duet, but this time was a solo so he was a little nervous. How did his wife feel about his singing? He said, "My wife says that she really likes it. Earlier I recorded another version for her. After listening she said that I sang very stiff. This time was the soft version."

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