Thursday, March 14, 2019


Lam Yiu Sing and Charlotte Cheung have already met the parents

Wiyona Yeung has recovered from her injuries
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The Lam Yiu Sing starred film WE ARE LEGENDS (YUP TEET LUNG) two nights ago held its premiere. Girlfriend Charlotte Cheung Pui Lok (Salad) brought her mother to show their support. Salad joked that she was like the "host". "Seeing so many friends her to show their support for him, I sad thank you like I starred in the movie. Just now I saw his father and even introduced him to my Mommy. It was their first meeting! (When would you consider a wedding?) I hope our career would thrive first." Lam Yiu Sing this time worked out for the performance. "At the time it was like I was on drugs, seven days a week, four hours each time!"

Co-star Wiyona Yeung Lau Ching said that during the shoot she had an accident. "In the scene I was trying for the Brazilian Jiujitsu purple belt, but my rib rammed into my opponent's kneecap. When I got home I couldn't breathe, like the rib was stabbing my heart. I only found out it was dislocated after X ray. (Have you recovered?) After 6 to 9 months of rest, It's OK!" Although she played a ocuple with Edward Ma Chi Wai in the film, they did not have any intimate scene.

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