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Jennifer Yu supports Fish Liew's birthday wish to direct
Super Girls members win big lai see
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Jennifer Yu Heung Yi, Fish Liew Chi Yu, Super Girls, Bryant Mak Chi Lok, Jeffery Lai Hok Kan, Judy Kwong Kit Ying, Eunice Chan Sze Yan, Zoe Yu Kit Ying two nights ago attended their company Lunar New Year dinner and celebrated Liew Chi Yu's birthday at the end of March in advanced.

Turning 29 at the end of the month, Liew Chi Yu admitted that she wanted to fulfill her birthday wish from last year. She said, "I want to direct, write my own story, I hope this year I will keep working toward this goal." Friend Yu Heung Yi supported her bid to become a director. "She can ask me to be her actor, she says she would. Whether I would be the lead or not I wouldn't mind." Liew Chi Yu said, "Then let I finish writing first. I am working until the middle of the year, I have to wait until then to have time to write." She revealed that this year was already the three year they celebrated her birthday together.

With three Hong Kong Film Award nominations this year, Yu Heung Yi was happy but also felt the pressure. She said, "I am someone who would be very anxious and think a lot. Because I feel I am still very new, sometimes I would worry that I am not performing well enough. I would have a lot of pressure on my performance in the future." She also said that Liew Chi Yu looked very cool in a suit at the Hong Kong Film Award last year. This year she would like to try the same. mind

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