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The "Storm" series's latest film P STORM (P FUNG BO) will open on April 4th in Hong Kong and Mainland. Earlier actors Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Raymond Lam Fung, Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Janelle Sing (Xia Yan) and Adam Pak Tin Nam went to Shanghai for an event. Lam Ka Tung was asked why he did not have any kiss scene in the film. Ka Tung said that it would be very hard for both sexes to be in the same prison. Ka Wing poked fun at the single Koo Tin Lok, "The next one can add a romance for him! Then he can date a little!"

1,000 people filled the venue and passionately cheered the actor. Lam Fung said, "This time I experienced the might of the 'Storm series' at the 1,000 people event. It was very cheerful and I also sensed the viewers' passionate anticipation for this film."

Lam Fung pointed out that P STORM was his first film villain role as his first film with the big "Storm" family. He hoped to be able to leave the audience with a deep impression.

New father Ka Wing kept receiving congratulations for his wedding, but he said, "The wedding happened last year." The audience again wished his baby good health. New papa Ka Wing accepted all the well wishes and could not hide his joy!

Ka Tung made his return since the first STORM film. His performance was memorable to viewers, but when asked why he did not have any kiss scene in the film Ka Tung said that it was very hard to have both sexes in the same prison. Ka Wing even made fun of Koo Tin Lok. "The next one can add a romance for him, so he can date a little!" Sister Na revealed that different actors took turns to "treat" during the shoot so she got fatter too!

Ka Tung, Lam Fung and Ka Wing shared a lot with viewers in Shanghai. Viewers' passion and attentiveness were just as memorable for them. Ka Tung said, "They would ask about many details of the film, the questions are very detailed. They would even ask which hand we would use to hit people." Ka Wing agreed. "They would analyze the characters' thinking and would ask us what we did was because of such thinking. We are very happy that they are so detailed, imagining what we did for 90 points to 110 points. If we did less we would very easily be caught! In comparison this was also the encouragement that they gave us."

In the end the team went to a shopping center to play games with the audience. They not only easily guessed Shanghai cuisine but also learned the Shanghai dialect with tips from the live audience. They also wished that after the film's release viewers would passionately support it.

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