Wednesday, March 6, 2019


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"The Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan yesterday attended the 2019 BWM Hong Kong Derby at the Jockey Club. Chi Tan humbly said that he was not a "fit horse", nothing was guaranteed and each artist must have determination and confidence to stay in shape, to be able to breakthrough himself in order to "maintain" permanent glory.

Later he will work on the Benny Chan Muk Sing directed modern action film, for which he will be able to stay in shape and keep his skills sharp. He hoped to return to his SPL (SAT POR LONG) and FLASHPOINT (DOH FOR SIN) shape, but he has not set any limit on his weight. "Whether fat or thin my weight fluctuate between 6 or 7 pounds, when I am in my most muscular I was 145 pounds and when I was at my fattest I was 153 pounds. The level of fitness doesn't depend on weight but on how firm, shapely, flexible and explosive the muscles are. At your fittest you can walk faster and have more energy. (Do you need to be on a diet?) Yes, only without a family and social circle can you achieve military training style diet, but I can't possibly make my family to do it with me. Thus I have to achieve balance. Sometimes when I know I have to go out and entertain, I would skip breakfast and lunch. Last night I went to the movies with my wife, she said that she wanted a cheese burger. I didn't have breakfast and lunch. In the end at night I had a double cheese burger. It's not very healthy, but it is very satisfying."

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