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Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Octobeez member Rika Wong Lai Ka yesterday attended a fashion store opening.  She revealed that two days ago she just returned from a movie shoot in Sanya, thus this year she
spent her birthday abroad.  Yet after she returned to Hong Kong, friends fought to celebrate with her.  Now she already had a few birthday cakes and believed that she still had many more birthday dinners.  On the other hand after she returned to Hong Kong she still has not have the time to see her boyfriend Avis.  How would she like her boyfriend to celebrate her birthday?  Chau Sau Na admitted that they have been together for so long that she would like surprises and freshness.  She felt that the gift was not important, the thought was the most important.  She and her boyfriend had the same birth month but they have been busy on their own and have yet to celebrate together.  She earlier has sent cake and nourishment from abroad.  She said that her boyfriend had tough action scene but believed that he would be able to handle it, because he normally worked out.

Why did she not practice with her boyfriend?  Chau Sau Na said that she was very busy, and since she was abroad she had no way to help.  Avis in LAN KWAI FONG 2 (HEI OI YEH PO 2) had a passionate bed scene with co-star Mia, Sister Na joked, "Such a benefit for him?  I know he is great at bowling."  Reportedly Avis in the film would "push" Mia.  Was she afraid that her boyfriend would become addicted to it?  She joked, "Tell him to play badminton with me when he has time!"  She said that her relationship with her boyfriend has been great, they trusted each other and she was not worried that her boyfriend  would fall for his co-star.  She also said that they trusted each other and never asked about work.

Rika revealed that earlier she worked on a romantic micro movie in Qingdao.  She played an one night stand girl.  In real life she has never had an one night stand.  She once wanted to go to a night spot to an understanding but finally was ejected.

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