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Yesterday, the film TO FORGIVE (CHA MO CHI YUN)'s director Zhu Minjiang brought star Law Kar Ying to attend an event in Shenzhen.  Speaking of the production, Law Kar Ying said that this would be the first time watching the film.  Memories of the production still left him quivering.  Not only due to the environment his entire body had an allergic reaction but also his face was paralyzed.  He had to perform
with half a face.  It was the most difficult film of his career.

At the event, Law Kar Ying gave his suggestion to the young director as he said, "In the last scene the line 'you owe me a life' was excessive, it should be removed."  The director boasted his unique perspective.  Law Kar Ying said, "I love to be clean.  During a night scene on the 45th day of the shoot, the director kept me rolling in a drain that had sewage water all over the ground.  Finally not only my skin had a reaction, but also due to the flu the left side of my face was paralyzed.  It couldn't move.  All the expression relied on the right side of the face.  It was too tough."  Zhu Minjiang even invited Law Kar Ying to produce the sequel.  Law Kar Ying answered, "Great."

TO FORGIVE was Zhu Minjiang's first film that starred Yu Xiaowei, Vivian Wu, Qiao Renliang and Law Kar Ying.  The film was full of suspense and uncovered the dark side of humanity.  Viewers said that the madness and the cruelty that the director expressed in the film were too much.

As a Post 80 young director, Zhu Minjiang said that the flavor was heavy because viewers had a poor impression of domestic suspense films.  He hoped to break through the international impression that Chinese "suspense would not be a hit" and that his film would have some depth that was worth reliving.

Zhu Minjiang admitted that this was his work of sincerity.  During the shoot in order to achieve the result the actors suffered time after time in order to be perfect.

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