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Irene Wan

Jackie Chan and the CHINESE ZODIAC team
Feng Xiaogang, Xu Fan
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Huayi Elle Night two nights ago took place in Shanghai International Fashion Center as one of the Shanghai Film Festival's theme programs.  Director Feng Xiaogang and Jackie Chan brought their 1942 and CHINESE ZODIAC (SUP YI SUN CHIU) teams.  Other guests included Li Bingbing, Tsui Hark, Irene Wan Bik Ha, Ady An Yi Hin, Gong Xinliang, Zhou Dongyu, Huo Siyan and others.

Feng Xiaogang attended the Shanghai Film Festival to promote his new film 1942.  He was very confident in his work and boasted that this production was so excited that viewers' eyeballs would pop out!  Earlier he attended the TELLING THE STORY OF CHINA TO THE WORLD industry forum and brutally criticized the Mainland counterfeit phenomenon.

When the host mentioned "Hollywood filmmakers have the ability to tell the story to the audience of the entire world", Director Fung was suddenly infuriated!  Director Fung said, "We always think we are very important, but indeed we are unimportant.  You are a counterfeit nation, fake powdered milk, piracy!  How can movies from a nation like yours make people listen?  The key is whether the world is interested in hearing the story that you tell!"

Director Feng was so disappointed in his own nation completely because of the anti-piracy rally that 180 million people attended.  He said, "Host Zhang Guoli overestimated our nation, when he asked the audience whether they watch pirated versions, the answer was a deafening roar was 'YES'!  With what would movies from a nation like this head out, with what do you tell stories to other people?"

As for some producers' comment that Hollywood films have taken the Mainland box office, Director Feng thought the comment was even more absurd.  "I say even if inspection is cancelled and Hollywood is driven out, these movies might not necessarily make money.  Then the spear heads will be aimed at the audience, the result is self destruction!"  Jackie Chan at another event also urged Chinese filmmakers.  "Young directors should make more high quality films.  The media must scold rotten films but must support good films."

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