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With three superstars Zhang Ziyi, Jang Dong-Gun and Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, the romantic conspiracy epic DANGEROUS LIAISON yesterday appeared at the Shanghai International Film Festival opening ceremony and held a press conference today.  Zonbo Media chair and DANGEROUS LIAISON executive producer and producer Chen Weiming, director Hur Jin-Ho, stars Jang Dong-Gun, Cheung Pak Chi, and Dou Xiao attended the press conference together.  This was also the first time Jang Dong-Gun and Cheung Pak Chi
saw each other since the wrap.  They whispered and laughed nonstop and appeared to be extra intimate.

DANGEROUS LIAISON was based on the 1782 famous French novel of the same name.  Chinese writer Yan Geling wrote the adapted script and moved the background to the 30s Old Shanghai.  The film will officially be released on September 27 for this year's National Day slot.  Chen Weiming hoped that its Mainland box office will be able to reach 500 million and the Chinese film champion of the second half of the year.

Korean director Hur Jin-Ho was a philosophical professional and a team recognized genius.  Dou Xiao revealed that when he joined the team and played a game of chess with the director.  The director very quickly understood the game philosophy and merged this feeling into the film.

Hur Jin-Ho said that Chen Weiming as long as three years ago Chen Weiming spoke to him about this movie.  His Chinese was not great but he thought the film's theme was very meaningful.  Being able to work with Yan Geling was a great challenge, so he had the courage to overcome the language obstacle.

Top Korean superstar Jang Dong-Gun attracted the media's flash bulbs with his trademark smile as soon as he appeared.  Jang Dong-Gun believed that his character would be even more destructive to women.  He was a rather dangerous man.  This playboy looked like he was pursuing naive women for fun but actually longed for true love.  He said that the most dangerous character in the film was not his character but Cheung Pak Chi's, even he was one her of play things (in the film).  Cheung Pak Chi said that in real life she did not dare to look at Jang Dong-Gun's eyes because his every expression was very mesmerizing.  Thus people often suspected that they were at odds.

Cheung Pak Chi said that this "game" in the film was not only hard on people but also hurt them -- her character originally thought she had victory at hand but she did not expect to lose everything.  She thought lust and possessive desires finally directed this tragedy of this woman, thus "everything comes from the heart" was the key meaning that her character had to express.

At the 65th Cannes Film Festival that ended in May, DANGEROUS LIAISON was the only Chinese film that was selected for Directors' Fortnight and won good reviews.  Cheung Pak Chi said that the pressure was larger from participating in the overseas film festival because the DANGEROUS LIAISON story was already very well known in Europe.  Later he ran an old viewer who watched the 1998 film version.  The viewer expressed to her how much she liked this Chinese film, which touched her a lot.

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