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Working on his second micro movie, Pakho Chau just worked on a micro movie.  Pakho felt that this job was completely different from movies that everyone saw on the silver screen because micro movies had to tell the entire story in 10 minutes or so, like shrinking a movie down.  To directors, writers and even actors it was extremely difficult.

This time Pakho would connect the stories of six different girls, including "note girl", "bubble wrap girl", "Miss Highlighter", "TB Buddy" and "Miss Micro Movie".  Different female leads would play friends and young sisters around Pakho.

Was Pakho who has always had a healthy image afraid that playing such jerks would affect him?  Pakho did not mind at all because he felt that now viewers very clearly knows that in the film he is only playing a character.  At the same time it would not affect his other jobs.  He joked, "If I play a killer should I kill someone?  I don't mind how the character is and how people see me."

Do his numerous romantic characters in micro movies and even movies represent his view on love?  Pakho admitted, "In my romantic view the result is the most important.  I want marriage and children.  I want to have my own family so I wouldn't date casually.  Maybe you would feel I am very practical about love.  Although before dating I wouldn't know how she thinks and whether she would see me as someone she would marry, we communicate.  Because when I look for the other half I want her to be mature and love to communicate with me, it really is very hard to communicate with girls who are younger than me.  Thus I don't mind finding a girl who is older than me.  Now I am so busy with work that I don't have enough time to be with the other half.  If I have a girlfriend now, she also has to be extremely understanding."

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