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Tony Leung Chiu Wai promoted his film THE SILENT WAR (TING FUNG JEH) in Shanghai.  His wife Carina Lau Ka Ling earlier reportedly took a private jet back from Shanghai with Mainland tycoon Jing Baifu.  Wai Jai was reluctant to talk about his wife, was he upset about the incident?  Wai Jai awkwardly said, "Why would I be upset?"  Did his wife Ka Ling visit him while he worked in Shanghai?  He joked, "Why would she need to visit?"

THE SILENT WAR was shot in Shanghai.  Wai Jai said that normally he had a habit of running in Hong Kong.  Thus when he had time he would run in Shanghai, but every time he had to be very early.  Once he was running a tour group recognized him and someone screamed his name; to avoid causing trouble he could only ignore it and kept running.  Later he ran with a cap to avoid being recognized.  This time he attended the
Shanghai Film Festival he still would run.  Used to early to bed and early to rise, he liked to exercise even more as he felt more energetic at work.

In THE SILENT WAR Wia Jai played a blind hood, his fourth blind character.  He agreed to the role because Felix Chong Man Keung and Alan Mak Siu Fai were good friends, but he has never worked on a movie that they directed together; he also admired Zhou Xun very much.  Although he had experience with playing blind, the difficulty was increased this time with a special made contact lens.  Since he would not express himself with his eyes he had to add a lot of body language.

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