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The Zero Chou Mei Ling directed film FA YEUNG (RIPPLE) invited many Taiwan popular idols Jerry Yan (Yin Sing Yuk), Joseph Cheng Yuen Cheung (Siu Chung), Michelle Chen and Hong Kong stars Simon Yam Tat Wa and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu.  Director Chou said that when she first worked with Jerry she already felt that his aura was very unique and that he definitely was not human.  Jerry also said, "Because the Taiwan series METEOR GARDEN's character the company typecast me, but I hope to accept challenging jobs that have space for development.  This way the sense of satisfaction would be even greater and I like this sense of ease very much.  (You won't play Prince Charming again?)  The white horse is dead, haha; actors have to try many things, next time I may shave my head, spit and be even rougher, to me they would be even more comfortable."

As for the kiss scene with Ivy Chen in the film, he said that luckily it was not awkward.  He also remembered to praise her as very pretty, but he loved the characters' feeling of hurt because they displayed deep love that they did not dare to express.  He said, "This feeling is very beautiful and reminds me of my crush on the female class president. I would keep taking glances at her.  Every time she passed by I would smile very happily like an idiot, but I didn't dare to tell her even at the graduation."  Rumored girlfriend Lin Chiling said that she would like to work with him.  He happily said, "Really?  Actually I have many people who I would like to work with because I can learn from working with good actors."  Aside from openly talking about Lin Chiling, he even said that he changed a lot.  In the past he was reluctant to attend events with many people, this time he walked the Shanghai Film Festival red carpet with the team and turned into little fans with his co-stars to look at film industry celebrities from different places.

Playing a couple in the film Siu Chung and Michelle Chen did not even have a kiss scene, but the director still asked them to stare at each other in a candle lit room to develop their soulful exchanges. Siu Chung said, "Indeed it has magical power.  Actually I felt the goddess in front of me was holy and couldn't be dishonored.  Through the candle light staring, I finally was able to shake off her goddess brilliance and go forward."  They also traded compliments as they called each other talented.  Did they truly fall for each other?  Michelle Chen admitted that she did but it was a friendly love; Siu Chun played mysterious and said, "Actually no one would know what will happen in the next second and don't dare to make any prediction.  Everyone should reserve some space and a sense of mystery."

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