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The PAINTED SKIN: RESURRECTION (WAT PEI II) team held a press conference in Shanghai on the 17th.  Executive producer Yang Hongtao, Wang Ruojun, producer Chen Kuo-Fu, director Wuershan, producer Pang Hong, Wang Zhonglei, art director Yang Zhenjian led Mini Yang Mi, Kris Phillips (Fei Xiang), Chen Tingjia in attendance.  At the event Chen Kuo-Fu and Wuershan supported each other and swore to make the 'bullest' Chinese film.  The production also officially announced that the film will be released on June 28 in 3D.

Speaking of Wuershan, Chen Kuo-Fu revealed, "Once I met with Wuershan to talk about the movie.  I said I might not be PAINTED SKIN: RESURRECTION's producer.  At the time I saw him sweat but he still calmly said this film 'without you I won't make it'.  Another time, before the shoot he had stomach bleeding, when he was still under anesthetic he suddenly sat up in his bed and said, 'I have to make the bullest Chinese
film with Teacher Kuo-Fu.'"  Thus, Chen Kuo-Fu's confidence of joining PAINTED SKIN: RESURRECTION was confirmed.

As the 2008 PAINTED SKIN and PAINTED SKIN: RESURRECTION's producer, Pang Hong said that in the four years of preparing for the sequel he was 'very uneasy because I wanted to make a different Chinese film."

Among the three actors, Fei Xiang's mature charm had the two female stars under his spell.  Chen Tingjia who had the most scenes with Fei Xiang said, "When I told Mama I had to work with Fei Xiang, she said that she wanted to visit me on the set.  She never mentioned that before, this was the first time."  Yang Mi said, "My previous impression of Fei Xiang was just a very handsome uncle, but when I met him, his mature charm deeply made me submit.  Although in the only scene that he and I worked together he killed me."

After the Shanghai Film Festival opening ceremony, PAINTED SKIN: RESURRECTION's release date grew closer.  One of the producers Wang Zhonglei said, "Now what we can do we have already done, we can only look forward to a good result."  The film will be released in 3D.  He joked with Yang Mi, "I believe everyone wants to see a 3D Yang Mi 'flying over'.  In addition, many scenes also needed 3D to display the most perfect effects."

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