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Jessica C. worked for the first time with Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming), Vivian Dawson (Kam Wing), Xia Yu and others on the comedy action film DOUBLE TROUBLE (BO DOH SEUNG HUNG) and admitted the she fell in love with action film.  She said that in one scene when she was dangling from the ceiling, she was reminded of Tom Cruise in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.  The more she performed the more alive she felt.  Even if she was dangling all night she had no complain, as if she has become the female Tom Cruise.

Jessica C. fortunately had long limbs so when she shot this ceiling scene she was able to handle it.  In the story she stole a secret file, in order to avoid the guards she could only become spider woman and dangle on the ceiling.  Jessica C used her long limbs to "prop" herself on the ceiling while acting.  She excitedly said, "The director and the Jackie Chan Stuntman Association have taken all the safety precaution, with mats on the ground.  I also wore wires so I performed with ease.  I tried to extend my arms and legs as much as they could and stuck to the wall tightly.  The feeling was very interesting, this stunt reminded me of Tom Cruise being dangled in mid air in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.  Although every time we shot in the ceiling, we could not take too long because the arms and the legs would easily get numb.  I fell several times, it was like a physical training."

Fong Cho Ming and Jessica C both had a series of stunts in the film.  They both had their physical limits tested, but Cho Ming also had to eat dirt.

Cho Ming said, "This scene truly was an endless chase and an endless fight, trying to get you killed.  In one chase scenes on a construction site, I even had to jump from four floors up into a pile of white dirt.  Every time I ended up with a mouthful of dirt.  For this scene I don't know how much dirt I swallowed, my mouth felt like I was taking medicated powder.  It was very hard to take."

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