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Khalil Fong shows his support for Fiona Sit
Alex Man and his wife
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The new film THE BOUNTY (YUEN HUNG) two nights ago held its premiere at a shopping center.  Leads Chapman To Man Jat, Fiona Sit Hoi Kei along with Alex Man Chi Leung and director Fung Chi Chiang made an appearance.  Ah Jat who rested for awhile due to his illness two nights ago was spirited.  He joked that during his recovery he only slept and ate just like a pig in the New Territories.

Two nights ago Man Ji appeared with his wife.  Ah Jat who is recovering from his illness played games and appeared to be in a good condition.  Man Ji aside from giving big laisee to other actors and the director also praised his on screen daughter Fiona.  He joked about Ah Jat.  "I wasn't this busy when I was the lead, now I am a support player and I am so busy.  The premiere was the most elegant and Ah Jat got better, what a con job!"

Earlier diagnosed with Fisher Miller Syndrome, Ah Jat revealed that he just returned from the U.S.  On this trip he kept to himself and met with masters at the Buddhist academy.  He said, "Every year around this time I would take three weeks off to mediate in the U.S.  The Old Lady came along.  This year was already the third year.  The doctor said I had to be recovered before I could get on the plane, because long distance flight was a big test for patients.  I am already completely healed."  Speaking of some magazine claiming that he found a master in the U.S. to save his life, he stressed that it was only gossip.  At his worst he was mediating at home and could not breathe.  He thought that he would die but later he was fine.

Ah Jat admitted that later he will return to work and promote movies like DIVA and VULGARIA (DAI JOOK HEI KET).  In August he will also make a new film, CHIU CUP GAING LEI YUN (SUPER MANAGER) with Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin.  When asked whether he had to work hard to make money, he admitted that last year he made eight movies and had enough saved up. When he ran into illness he would be able to handle it; he also stressed that the doctor did not dare to guarantee it could return, but the chance 
was slim.  Would he take the chance to have a baby?  He did not directly respond.  "I got fat from the recovery!  Everyday I sat, ate and slept, just like the pigs in the New Territories."  Would he quit drinking?  Ah Jat said that the doctor said that he could have a small glass everyday; he joked, "All the money went to my wife already, if anything happens to me, she would be rich."  Fiona admitted that she was very happy to see Ah Jat.

Man Ji was asked whether he could make a comeback.  He admitted that if he had offers he would make more.  As for television, he replied, "For now I haven't considered it.  All the television station series production budgets are shrinking.  Salary would be hard to negotiate." Would he consider Ricky Wong Wai Kay's City Telecom?  He said, "They didn't ask me, TVB didn't either.  (Are you too expensive?)  Maybe that is one of the reasons."  Would he reduce his salary for a good script?  He said, "It's not grocery shopping.  The most important is sincerity.  A lot of times it's hard to talk about money, but it's hard not to talk about money either."

Would he return if Mona Fong Yat Wa asked him?  Man Ji said, "No problem!  I am also one of Shaw's disciple soldiers."

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