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Wong Jing, Andrew Lau
Tong Fei, Huang Xiaoming, Francis Ng

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The film THE LAST TYCOON (DAI SEUNG HOI) brought together two generations of "Hui Man Keung" as the 57 year old Chow Yun Fat and the 34 year old Huang Xiaoming yesterday attended the Shanghai press conference.  Fat Gor made a superstar appearance, Huang Xiaoming became a little fan as he knelt to his idol.

The film THE LAST TYCOON yesterday held a press conference, Huang Xiaoming, Francis Ng Chun Yu, Tong Fei rode rickshaws.  Chun Yu was in a military uniform.  Huang Xiaoming wore a wig and a long Chinese gown.  Then Chow Yun Fat rode a Shanghai antique car .  Wearing a long Chinese gown and fan he looked like a gentleman.  Fat Gor as Hui Man Keung in THE BUND in 1980 was classic.  In 2006 Huang Xiaoming played the same role in THE NEW BUND.  Yesterday they ran into each other, Fat Gor's momentum crushed Huang Xiaoming's.

Fat Gor has been Huang Xiaoming's idol since childhood.  When he spoke the microphone malfunctioned.  Fat Gor had a little fun at his expense.  "Even the mic was very nervous!"  Huang Xiaoming said that Fat Gor was the hero in his heart with infinite brilliance.  Even Ng Chun Yu said that he joined the business because of Fat Gor.  "Fat Gor on the set was very active, which made everyone more relaxed.  He truly is amazing."  Huang Xiaoming chimed in.  "Fat Gor is very lovable.  I want to learn about acting as well as life from him.  He is my teacher."  He even went on one knee.  Fat Gor bowed in return and called them Teacher Ng and Teacher Huang.

Tong Fei said that when she was little she watched THE BUND with her parents.  Fat Gor set her up and asked, "At the time did Papa or Mama love me more?"  Tong Fei could not answer.  Fat Gor laughed and said, "I am very happy to work with young people.  In the future when film and I are both old, we have to rely on them."

When asked whether Fat Gor took this role for Hollywood salary and hours, director Wong Jing said, "The salary is very reasonable, the hours are healthier than Hong Kong but a little longer than Hollywood.  His demands are the same as (Andy) Lau Tak Wa and (Jet Li) Lee Nin Kit's."  Producer Andrew Lau Wai Keung praised Fat Gor for insisting to perform the explosion scene personally and was very agile.  In the film Fat Gor and Huang Xiaoming's relationship had to be kept under wrap for now.

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