Monday, June 18, 2012


Terri Kwan says that she has not seen her rumored boyfriend Jerry Yan in Shanghai
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Taiwan star Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting) led Huang Bo and Terri Kwan Wing yesterday appeared at the Shanghai Film Festival to promote their new film BLACK AND WHITE.  Yau Ting was caught in a koala bear.  He not only displayed his leg strength but was praised, "Whoever is in love with him definitely can't be higher."

Yau Ting was asked about going on holiday with Gao Yuanyuan.  He said, "I went but let's not talk about this.  She is busy at work and didn't come to Shanghai.  With the relationship publicized we have more space, the pressure isn't as big."  He also pointed out that a BLACK stunt scene injured his vertebrae.  He who did not know how to fight never thought about working in action, but after working with Huang Bo he really wanted to be his underground lover.  Huang Bo said, "We don't need to be underground, I am publicizing it now!  I am only afraid that your female fans would scold me to death.  (Are you afraid of Gao Yuanyuan's jealousy?)  No, I can share with her."

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