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Raymond Chow Man Wai, Ting Pui, Choi Woo Ping, Nancy Sit Ka Yin, Anthony Lau Wing and Ip Chun two nights ago attended the documentary film THE BRILLIANT LIFE OF BRUCE LEE premiere.

Once linked to Bruce Lee, Ting Pui appeared in a cat design shirt that she wore in a photo with Bruce Lee 40 years ago.  Watching a movie about Bruce Lee, Ting Pui admitted that she was reminded of a lot of memories.  Ultimately when Bruce Lee passed away it was quite shocking.  Over 40 years many criticized her but she overcame it.  She even managed to become tolerant.  She said ,"Now I got a gold coin!  However I still have to thank the fans' support of Bruce Lee, his spirit will never die!"

Ting Pui also said that Bruce Lee has made many movies but they never had a chance to work together.  However she always planned to publish a book about Bruce Lee.  She talked about it for ten years but it was very hard to find someone who has the same idea as her to work with.  Thus it was still in negotiation.  She would not give up though as she continued to organize information about Bruce Lee.  she hoped to spread his philosophy and Jeet Kune Do.  If the book will be published, will she send a copy to Bruce Lee's wife and family?  Ting Pui admitted that she will send one to Bruce Lee's daughter because when he passed away she was still very little.  Ting Pui also said that after Bruce Lee's passing she suffered a lot, but she never thought about suicide.  With all the negativity now, she hoped to bring Bruce Lee's spirit and experience to the next generation and the message of no one should give up on life.

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