Friday, June 15, 2012


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The Shanghai Film Festival opened today.  Li Bingbing who was the jury flew to Shanghai on the 15th.  Li Bingbing said, "The leads of the film festival will always be movies, for the red carpet you just have to dress to show respect to the occasion.  When I attended Venice, Gucci provided all the fashion.  This time the label is still in charge, to me choice without choice is the most fortunate!  Because this way you can focus on judging films in competition and have even more time to experience the film atmosphere."

Would the jury favor Chinese films?  Li Bingbing said that emotionally of course she would have a psychological preference, but Shanghai Film Festival is an A class film festival, a global film competition.  As a judge she must judge with fairness.  Her standard was "whether it hit your heart!"  Later she will watch movies everyday.  Will she feel frustrated and exhausted?  She said, "It will definitely be exhausting, but I believe my mind will be raging, everyday I will have to watch more than three films.  Normally it's very hard to watch so many good films all at once!  This time on the jury to me is a very rare chance for me to inject years of film understanding and thinking into the jury process."

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