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The film LAN KWAI FONG 2 (HEI OI YEH PO 2) two nights ago held its wrap banquet.  Director Wilson Chin Kwok Wai earlier was caught with "pseudo model" Pak Wan in Singapore.  Wilson and rumored girlfriend Calinda Chan Yuen Wai ran right into each other.  Wilson as usual denied everything and appeared awkward in front of Chan Yuen Wai.  The media had to beg him several times before he reluctantly pulled other actors to be in a photo with him and his girlfriend.  He joked that he was an idol and  declined to publicize his romance.

The cast appeared, including Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu, Shiga Lin Si Nga, "Ma Model" Mia, Chrissie Chau Sau Na's boyfriend Avis and others.  The "pseudo models" all "pushed up" for attention.  The always lucky with the ladies director Chin Kwok Wai earlier was caught with Pak Wan while shooting BATTLE OF THE SENSES in Singapore.  Two nights ago Wilson was prepared.  "Just one?  Come on!  Actually eight monsters were all in my room every night!"  He joked about how tough it was to fight one against eight and revealed that every night the monsters came over to eat his room service.  When they were broke they would come over to Wilson's room to make calls.

Wilson appeared to be relaxed by himself, but after his rumored girlfriend Chan Yuen Wai was dragged into the interview, Wilson appeared to be flushed and shy.  He reiterated that they were not dating.  She was asked about her rumored boyfriend's "room incident".  "If that girl was truly caught, that's good for him.  I would wish him well!"  Chan Yuen Wai asked him to remember to invite him to his wedding and obviously gave him a vote of confidence.  Reporters joked that Wilson refused to recognize his girlfriend.  Wilson mischievously said, "I plan to move to the front of the camera later, why would an idol publicize his romance?"  Later he was asked to pose for a photo with Chan Yuen Wai, but he dragged in Mia.

"Ma Model" Mia two nights ago said that this was her film so she "pushed up" out of respect.  She revealed that she was thinner so her clothes was a little lower.  She has already taken the full precautions and had tapes 360 degrees around.  Speaking of her passionate bed scene with Chau Sau Na's boyfriend Avis, Mia thus was invited to DJ with Avis in many Mainland night spots.  However, she said, "Let him first improve his DJ skills first!  (Are you afraid of Sister Na being mad at your couple money grabbing?)  No!  We are very well defined.  Last time he was said to go to my home he walked me to the elevator door and not to my door like a gentleman."

In addition, Lin Si Nga arrived late.  Since her intimate photo incident she promoted the film for the first time.  She said that her spirit has improved and work has been scheduled until August.  She said, "My workload has never been reduced."  Her intimate photos seemed to have helped with film promotions.  Lin Si Nga said, "The character in the film is different from me and isn't related.  I have never been a rich girl or had any abortion."

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