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Angelababy and Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting) two nights ago attended the FIRST TIME premiere in Taiwan.  Aside from the leads, Chao Shu-Hai and Cindy Yen (Yuen Wing Lam) also attended.  Baby's two "new flames" Ko Chen-Tung and director Giddens Ko also supported her in person.  Baby earlier became good friend with Ko Chen-Tung after working together on their new film TOGETHER.  Director Giddens Ko saw Baby as YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE goddess.  After they watched the film, they could not wait to advertise the film, saying that FIRST TIME and YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE were both movies that were romantic to the end.

At the premiere, as soon as the actors stepped on the red carpet fans immediately shrieked.  In the film Chiu Yau Ting constantly rode a bicycle to take Angelababy around.  In order to bring back this romantic scene, the event found a bicycle.  They made a variety of intimate poses on the bicycles.  Fans screamed, "They are too beautiful."

On this rare reunion of the four, they even talked about the production.  Chao Shu-Hai and Chiu Yau Ting played father and son for the first time.  He joked that on and off screen they could not be separated as they were like father and son.  Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun)'s junior colleague Yuen Wing Lam not only wrote the theme song for the movie but also participated in the performance.  Her poor Chinese caused a lot of comedy, even Chiu Yau Ting could not help but laugh at her.

Director Han Yan praised Angelababy as the counterfeit of the female lead.  In order to play the character well, she was all bruised from practices for a dance scene.  Baby said that for this film she gave a lot.  The film company also made four cakes with the film's title so the four actors could decorate the cakes with their idea of the sweet taste of first love and again campaigned with the Taiwan viewers.

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