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The film DOUBLE TROUBLE (BO DOH SEUNG HUNG) held a Guangzhou premiere.  Director Chang Hsun-Wei also with Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming), Xia Yu, Chen Han-Tien, Chang Fei, Deng Jiajia, Hey Girls appeared.  This was a comedy that new Taiwan director Chang Hsun-Wei and the Jackie Chan Stuntman Association created. together, with "Jackie Chan's son" Fong Cho Ming, Golden Horse Best Actor Xia Yu, top variety program host Chen Han-Tien, variety show big brother big Chang Fei and Mainland "four little divas" Deng Jiajia, and Jolin Tsai (Choi Yi Lam)'s supermodel boyfriend Vivian Dawson (kam Wing) and "pseudo model" Jessica C in the cast.

Cho Ming this time also personally performed the film theme song.  At the premiere, the theme song WHICH ONE music video was also unveiled.  The theme song not only was Fong Cho Ming's first attempt to write music  and lyrics but he also brought along his label's artists Hey Girls to perform for the film.  Fong Cho Ming said that in order to coordinate with the film's visual stimulation, the theme song added a lot of rap and was an unadulterated high song.  Film footage and some behind the scene videos were in the music video.  Cho Ming's intense and hilarious expressions were very close to his father Jackie Chan's and he had potential for comedy.  Cho Ming said that this time he could create the theme song for the movie and work with good actors like Big Brother Chang Fei, Xia Yu, and Chen Han-Tien, the chance was truly rare.  He admitted that he never thought about taking the baton from his father.  They each had their own style.  He wanted to do his best the most.

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