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Miriam Yeung was recording during her pregnancy

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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa after giving birth to Torres has maintained a low profile and not yet released her son's photo.  Two days ago she even secretly leave the hospital and avoided the media.  However, Real Ting Chi Ko could not help his joy as a first time father.  Yesterday he finally posted a warm photo of the family of three online.  He even wrote, "The new world of three has finally begun."

Later Chin Wa's label East Asia also issued two photos to the media.  Chin Wa was spirited with light make up.  Because they were upper body photos, it was unknown whether the new mother has completely returned to form.  Torres had many expressions in the arms of his parents.  He often looked around, stuck out his tongue and smiled sweetly.  Chin Wa and Real could not be happier.  They looked at their son with gratified and happy smiles.

Currently rest at home, Chin Wa said, "Thank you everyone for your concern and well wishes, on the day of my hospital release I didn't come out to see everyone because my cesarean wound still hurt.  I hoped media friends would understand.  Actually over the few days when I was at the hospital I never truly rested.  Every two hours I had to feed once.  When I got home the first time I learned was to pump milk so the nanny could feed my son in the middle of the night.  Then I was able to truly sleep for a few hours.  So today I am particularly energized."

As for Ting Chi Ko, he said that mother and son had over ten people at their service.  Chin Wa said that actually she only hired an extra nanny.  She said, "I really want to take care of the baby personally, since I have a background no one should be too worried."  Chin Wa also said that her wound has not completely healed so her diet had to be light.  The nanny would take care of her meals and said, "Her cooking is very delicious.  Every time the food came out, my hubby turns into a silver needle -- taste testing every time.  Just now we had a bowl of pork soup, he drank 1/3 of the bowl in one mouthful.  Thus Torres is the most like his Papa like this.  I don't have to worry about feeding him at all.  (Do you plan to have another to keep Torres company?)  Huh?  Let me adjust first, I just started to adjust to being a mother.....I will take my time to think about that."

In addition, friends in the industry after seeing Real's family photo posted well wishes.  Joey Yung Cho Yi: "So happy!  Congratulations!"  Wilfred Lau Ho Lung, "I am envious to death!"  Monica Chan Fat Yung: "Congratulations!  Peace!  Happiness!"  Gillian Chung Yun Tung and Denise Ho Wan Si not only congratulated them but Ah Si also praised how cute little Torres was.

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